Music of the Spheres: Part Songs of the British Isles

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Music of the Spheres: Part Songs of the British Isles
Tenebrae, Nigel Short (conductor)

[ Signum / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 13 January 2017

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Internationally-renowned chamber choir Tenebrae return with a new collection of British part songs and choral works. As well as being a celebration of compositions by British composers, the disc also marks Shakespeare's anniversary year with a selection of works based on his texts, including the much loved works by Vaughan Williams and a lesser-known set by Herbert Murrill. Perhaps the least recognisable composer name on this disc, Murrill (1909-1952) is one of a select group of composers who - through war or ill-health - died at a tragically young age and whose works were subsequently neglected during the second half of the century.


1. Two Songs from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night: O Mistress Mine Herbert Murrill 1:24
2. Two Songs from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night: Come Away, Death Herbert Murrill 3:29
3. Autumn Frank Bridge 3:47
4. Music, When Soft Voices Die Frank Bridge 2:54
5. The Bee Frank Bridge 1:13
6. Three Shakespeare Songs: Full Fathom Five Ralph Vaughan Williams 3:22
7. Three Shakespeare Songs: The Cloud-Capp?d Towers Ralph Vaughan Williams 2:25
8. Three Shakespeare Songs: Over Hill, Over Dale Ralph Vaughan Williams 0:57
9. Four Part-Songs, Op. 54: There is Sweet Music Edward Elgar 4:24
10. Four Part-Songs, Op. 54: Deep in My Soul Edward Elgar 4:51
11. Four Part-Songs, Op. 54: O Wild, West Wind Edward Elgar 3:58
12. Four Part-Songs, Op. 54: Owls Edward Elgar 2:52
13. Soft Music Ernest Walker 2:04
14. The Drowned Lovers Judith Bingham 5:43
15. The Blue Bird, Op. 119 Charles Villiers Stanford 4:10
16. On Time, Op. 142 Charles Villiers Stanford 5:16
17. Song of June Jonathan Harvey 4:36
18. The Modern Man I Sing: The Runner Bob Chilcott 2:33
19. The Modern Man I Sing: The Last Invocation Bob Chilcott 2:50
20. The Modern Man I Sing: One?s-Self I Sing Bob Chilcott 2:14