Melanfonie (LP)

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Melanfonie (LP)
Emika, Michaela Šrůmová (soprano), The Prague Metropolitan Orchestra

[ Emika Records / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 3 February 2017

The crossover between electronic music and classical composition has never been in more vibrant and dynamic health.

Multifarious musician Emika explores this fertile ground on her ambitious new opus Melanfonie: her first orchestral composition, some four years in the making.

While many rebel from their classical training never to return to it explicitly, Emika has always been attracted to the potential and freedoms offered by the symphony form. As well as taking inspiration from her electronic music background in composing the music itself, Emika also applied some of production and playback principles from that realm to create a piece whose every element has been carefully considered.


1. Grief (Prelude)
2. The Miracle
3. Letting Go
4. Love
5. Destiny
6. Finally Free (Coda) /
7. Grief (Prelude) (Instrumental Bonus Track)

Listen/Watch Grief (Prelude) feat. Michaela Srumova via Youtube