Czerny: Piano Concertos

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Czerny: Piano Concertos
Howard Shelley (piano & conductor) / Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

[ Hyperion Romantic Piano Concertos Vol 71 / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 28 April 2017

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Active in every genre other than opera, Czerny is now remembered largely for the numerous piano studies he wrote as pedagogical aids. Which makes Howard Shelley's advocacy of the three virtuoso works for piano and orchestra recorded here, two of them for the first time, all the more welcome: this is music which cannot fail to appeal.

"Howard Shelley and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra are, by now, firm friends, and it's thanks to his intimacy with every note of the orchestral score, as well as that of the piano part, that makes these readings so rewarding" Gramophone

"His brilliant technique and musicianship, bearing in mind that he is usually conducting from the keyboard, finally allows the listener the fullest appreciation of what it was that made such composer-pianists famous in their own time and allows the music to speak for itself." MusicWeb

"Shelley excels in all departments. He plays with informed authority and class, taking time to shape and place events, his fingerwork and trills glistening at every turn. Responding to the spirit of the page, he conducts with vitality and a rhythmically coiled tension, coaxing the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to give beyond their best (they are an outstanding ensemble)." ClassicalSource

"in the later Piano Concerto in A Minor Czerny's limpid writing emulates Chopin in its attractive, early romanticism - an unexpected delight…" Financial Times


Piano Concerto in F major Op 28
Piano Concerto in A minor Op 214
Rondo brillant in B flat major Op 233

Carl Czerny-Piano Concertos-Howard Shelley (piano), Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra