Murder Of The Universe (LP)

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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Murder Of The Universe (LP)

[ Flightless LP / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 23 June 2017

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A concept album to end all concepts, Murder Of The Universe is a face-melting musical assault concerned with the downfall of man and the death of the planet.


The Tale of the Altered Beast:
A New World
Altered Beast I
Alter Me I
Altered Beast II
Alter Me II
Altered Beast III
Alter Me III
Altered Beast IV
Life / Death

The Lord of Lightning vs Balrog:
Some Context
The Reticent Raconteur
The Lord Of Lightning
The Balrog
The Floating Fire
The Acrid Corpse

Han-Tyumi and the Murder of the Universe:
Welcome To An Altered Future
Digital Black
Han-Tyumi, The Confused Cyborg
Soy-Protein Munt Machine
Vomit Coffin
Murder Of The Universe

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