Holmes: When Expectation Ends

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Holmes: When Expectation Ends
NZTrio, Estrella, Strata Quartet, Zephyr

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Release Date: Friday 17 November 2017

This compilation of chamber music brings together solo and mixed ensemble works written between 1990 and 2017.


1. ...when expectation ends (NZTrio)
2. The Fourth Station (Ashley Brown, cello)
3. Nocture (Sarah Watkins, piano)
4. ...is anybody in there? (Ben Hoadley, bassoon; Eric Lamb, flute; Andrew Uren, clarinet; Sarah Watkins, piano)
5. A Tedious Brief Scene: Bottom's Dance (Estrella)
6. Fragment II (Strata Quartet)
7. Ritual (Zephyr)
8. Recitative II for viola and percussion (Robert Ashworth, viola; Eric Renick, percussion)