Kim André Arnesen: Infinity Choral Works

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Kim André Arnesen: Infinity Choral Works
Kantorei, Joel Rinsema

[ Naxos / CD ]

Release Date: Wednesday 20 December 2017

Kim André Arnesen is one of Norway's most frequently performed contemporary composers. International recognition of his music includes a performance of the beautifully evocative Cradle Hymn at the White House for Barack Obama in 2016. Arnesen's association with Denver's Kantorei resulted in their commissioning the warmly expressive The gift I'll leave you and the eloquent Making or Breaking. Even When He Is Silent sets a text written by a prisoner on a concentration camp wall, and Arnesen's own summing-up of Flight Song is that 'music making is the song of new life, fragile as the fall of a feather'.

"Arnesen has a particular affinity with the soprano voice, and Child of Song, The Gift I'll Leave You, Dormi, Jesu and Making or Breaking are all conceived to highlight that range, in the final case with the addition of a soprano saxophone that adds an ECM-ish tinge to the piece. Most pieces are relatively short and there is a slightly mechanical pace to the programme, which never again quite reaches the heights of the opening Even When He Is Silent, setting of a graffito from a concentration camp wall. That has echoes of something else, too, and one feels with Arnesen that a lot of work is conceived 'in the style - or shadow - of…' Beautiful music, though, and expertly sung." Choir & Organ


Even when He is Silent
Flight Song
O Sacrum Convivium
Child of Song
The gift I'll leave you
Dormi, Jesu
Making or Breaking
Cradle Hymn
The Lamb
Pie Jesu
There We Shall Rest