Perpetual Night

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Perpetual Night
Lucile Richardot, Ensemble Correspondances, Sébastien Daucé

[ Harmonia Mundi / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 27 April 2018

The circulation of artists and sovereigns between France and England in the seventeenth century resulted in the establishment of highly original genres in the latter country: the first recitatives, large-scale airs from masques and dramatic 'scenes' provided fertile ground for experimentation and prepared the way for the birth of semi-opera. Sébastien Daucé explores this English vocal art in a programme tailor-made for one of today's most fascinating voices: Lucile Richardot, in the exquisite setting provided by Ensemble Correspondances, subtly blends music, love, night and melancholy.


Johnson, R: Care-charming sleep
Lawes, W: Justitia Sacrum (Whieles I This Standing Lake)
Coprario: Go, happy man
Ramsey, R: What Tears, dear Prince?
Jenkins, J: Pavan No. 2 in F
Lawes, W: Music, the master of thy art is dead
Ramsey, R: Go perjur'd man! And if you e'er return
Banister: Give me my lute
Ramsey, R: Howl not, you ghosts and furies
Lawes, W: Britanocles the great and good appears
Webb, W: Pow'rful Morpheus, let thy charms
Hilton: Rise, princely shepherd
Hart, James: Adieu to the Pleasures and Follies
Banister: Amintas, that true hearted swain
Blow: Poor Celadon, he sighs in vain
Locke: Sarabande
Purcell: When Orpheus Sang
Jackson, John: Phillis, oh! turn that face away
Blow: Epilogue: Sing, Sing ye Muses

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