Bach, (J.S.): Secular Cantatas, Vol. 10 - Cantatas for contentment

Bach, (J.S.): Secular Cantatas, Vol. 10 - Cantatas for contentment cover
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Bach, (J.S.): Secular Cantatas, Vol. 10 - Cantatas for contentment
Bach Collegium Japan / Masaaki Suzuki, Carolyn Sampson (soprano), Robin Blaze (counter-tenor), Makoto Sakurada (tenor)

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Release Date: Friday 10 August 2018

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The two cantatas recorded here conclude a project that the Bach Collegium Japan and Masaaki Suzuki started in 2004, in which Bach's secular cantatas formed the basis of numerous concerts and recordings. As the team completed recording the church cantatas in 2013, this means that BCJ's performances of all of Bach's extant cantatas - sacred and secular - are now available on disc. Out of what was originally a much larger number only a little more than twenty secular cantatas have survived in performable condition. These nevertheless offer a welcome complement to our image of Bach the church musician, and reveal a composer who approached secular music with the same artistic integrity that we find in his sacred music.

This final volume opens with the resplendent Angenehmes Wiederau from 1737 - a musical memorial to the manorial estate of Wiederau, south-west of Leipzig. Bach employs a full complement of three trumpets and timpani as well as four vocal soloists, in what is surprisingly modern-sounding music, influence by the dance-based music of the Dresden court. In contrast, Ich bin in mir vergnügt is an intimate work for solo soprano, flute, oboe and strings. Composed for an unknown occasion, the piece is a morality about the virtues of contentment, illustrated in music that gives Carolyn Sampson ample opportunity to shine.

"This is the final instalment in Suzuki/BCJ's Secular Cantata series. It is of the usual impeccably high standard. The four soloists are top-notch but special mention must be given to Carolyn Sampson. She is simply wonderful as soloist in the soprano cantata on this disc. The cantata highlights Bach's use of obbligato to beautiful effect with oboes, violin, and solo flute leading each of the arias. Consider this volume as a must-have for Bach lovers." Nicholas Butler/Marbecks


Johann Sebastian Bach: AngenehmesWiederau, freuedich in deinenAuen, BWV 30aIchbin in mirvergnügt, BWV 204