Tous des Oiseaux

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Tous des Oiseaux
Eleni Karaindrou

[ ECM New Series / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 25 January 2019

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The new release on ECM New Series by composer Eleni Karaindrou brings together the original music written for Wajdi Mouawad's play All Birds and the music for the film Bomb, A Love Story by Iranian actor and director Payman Maadi.

All Birds is an epic fresco by Lebanese-Canadian director Wajdi Mouawad on a background of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, exploring the issue of origins and identity. Created at the Théâtre national de la Colline on November 17, 2017, the play has been a phenomenal success with audiences and critics alike. She has received the prestigious Grand Prix de la critique and the prize for the best creation of scenic elements. The original music by Eleni Karaindrou, recorded in the studio in Athens, plays an essential romantic and dramatic role.

The music of the movie Bomb, A Love Story, which premiered in Tehran on February 3, 2018, was nominated for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. In both compositions, the string orchestra forms the mainstay of the work, with the first violin Argyo Seira, alongside talented musicians and faithful to the projects of the composer. Eleni Karaindrou also plays piano in some of her pieces. Producer Manfred Eicher helped shape the final outline of both studio creations.

Featured Artists:
Eleni Karaindrou - Piano
Savina Yannatou - Voice
Alexandros Botinis - Violoncello
Stella Gadedi - Flute
Vangelis Christopoulos - Oboe
Yannis Evangelatos - Bassoon
Dinos Hadjiiordanou - Accordion
Aris Dimitriadis - Mandolin
Maria Bildea - Harp
Sokratis Sinopoulos - Constantinoble Lyra, Lute
Nikos Paraoulakis - Ney
Stefanos Dorbarakis - Kanonaki
Giorgos Kontoyannis - Cretan Lyra, Percussion
String Orchestra


1 The Wind of War 02:54
2 The Dark Secret 03:56
3 Encounter 04:05
4 Between Two Worlds 02:34
5 David's Dream 06:56
6 Towards the Unknown 00:44
7 Lament 02:50
8 The Confession 04:05
9 Separation 03:20
10 Why? 01:01
11 The Impossible Journey 02:44
12 Je ne me consolerai jamais 01:21

13 A New Beginning 01:27
14 Love Theme 04:11
15 The Waltz of Hope 02:37
16 Mitra's Theme - Walking in Tehran 02:59
17 Lonely Lives 01:37
18 Reconciliation Theme - var. 01:13
19 Mitra's Theme - var. 01:36
20 Captured Heart 01:26
21 Reconciliation Theme 02:34
Play 22 Love's First Call 02:06