Stabat Mater - Concerto per flauto - Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume"

Stabat Mater - Concerto per flauto - Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume" cover
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Stabat Mater - Concerto per flauto - Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume"
Giulia Semenzato (soprano), Raffaele Pe (countertenor), Marcello Gatti (transverse flute), Talenti Vulcanici, Stefano Demicheli (cond.)

[ Arcana / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 26 April 2019

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Composed 25 years after the celebrated work of the same name by Pergolesi, and for the same forces, the Stabat Mater by Nicola Logroscino (pronounced "Logròscino") belongs to the long list of compositions born of the Neapolitan school, beginning with the model by Alessandro Scarlatti (1723). Although inspired by its illustrious precedents, this work distinguishes itself in its strong theatrical character, derived from the author's long experience in opera (especially comic opera), of which he was a leading figure until the mid-eighteenth century. His Stabat Mater thus seems to be a veritable synthesis of operatic style, whereby lengthy arias alternate with lively duets, and passages of almost folk origins alternate with very simple recitatives. Giulia Semenzato, soprano, and Raffele Pe, countertenor, are the protagonists of this important rediscovery. This album - the first monographic recording dedicated to the composer - includes a brilliant cantata for soprano as well as a concerto for flute (played by Marcello Gatti), a work that represents a precious addition to the repertoire for this instrument. The ensemble "Talenti Vulcanici", under the direction of Stefano Demicheli, deliver an instrumental performance of stylistic coherence and calibrated virtuosity, following their successful recording, Arias for Nicolino (Arcana A 427), praised by critics for its "theatrical tautness and élan", and "a reliable sense of pacing, detail and texture" (David Vickers, Gramophone, August 2017).


1 Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume": I. Sinfonia (Allegro)
2 Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume": II. Sinfonia (Amoroso)
3 Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume": III. Sinfonia (Allegro)
4 Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume": IV. Recitativo "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume ed ecco il rogo"
5 Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume": V. Aria "La mia pena, il mio dolore"
6 Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume": VI. Recitativo "Ma ohimè che veggio"
7 Cantata "Ecco l'ara, ecco il nume": VII. Aria "Di Giove irato temo lo sdegno"
8 Concerto per flauto traverso: I. Allegro
9 Concerto per flauto traverso: II. Andante
10 Concerto per flauto traverso: III. Allegro
11 Stabat Mater: I. Stabat Mater - a due
12 Stabat Mater: II. Cuius animam gementem - alto solo
13 Stabat Mater: III. O quam tristis et afflicta - soprano solo
14 Stabat Mater: IV. Quis est homo, qui non fleret - a due
15 Stabat Mater: V. Pro peccatis suae gentis - alto solo
16 Stabat Mater: VI. Vidit suum dulcem natum - a due
17 Stabat Mater: VII. Eja, mater, fons amoris - soprano solo
18 Stabat Mater: VIII. Fac, ut ardeat cor meum - soprano solo
19 Stabat Mater: IX. Sancta Mater, istud agas - alto solo
20 Stabat Mater: X. Juxta crucem tecum stare - soprano solo
21 Stabat Mater: XI. Virgo virginum praeclara - alto solo
22 Stabat Mater: XII. Fac me plagis vulnerari - soprano solo
23 Stabat Mater: XIII. Christe, cum sit hint exire - alto solo
24 Stabat Mater: XIV. Quando corpus morietur - a due
25 Stabat Mater: XV. Amen - a due