Music for Saint Katherine of Alexandria

Music for Saint Katherine of Alexandria cover
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Music for Saint Katherine of Alexandria
The Binchois Consort / Andrew Kirkman

[ Hyperion / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 31 May 2019

Admirers of Andrew Kirkman and The Binchois Consort will know what to expect of this group's recordings: not only carefully crafted programmes delivered with idiomatic flair (both of which may be taken for granted), but also lavishly illustrated booklets replete with images of exquisite alabaster sculpture of the period. Music for Saint Katherine of Alexandria is no exception, a programme of fifteenth-century English motets from Frye, Dunstaple and others in honour of the saint, the music complemented by rich, sometimes startling, sculptures ancient and modern.


1 FRYE Kyrie (Missa Nobilis et pulchra) [6'16]
2 FRYE Gloria (Missa Nobilis et pulchra) [6'27]
3 BYTTERING En Katerine solennia [2'46]
4 ANON Gloria 'Virgo flagellatur' [6'30]
5 CHANT & FABURDEN Nobilis et pulchra [1'57]
6 FRYE Credo (Missa Nobilis et pulchra) [6'07]
7 DUNSTAPLE Gaude virgo Katherina [4'26]
8 DRIFFELDE Sanctus 'Regnum mundi' [4'46]
9 CHANT & FABURDEN Virgo flagellatur [2'48]
10 DRIFFELDE Agnus Dei 'Eructavit cor meum' [5'02]
11 FRYE Sanctus (Missa Nobilis et pulchra) [6'25]
12 FRYE Agnus Dei (Missa Nobilis et pulchra) [6'09]
13 DUNSTAPLE Salve scema sanctitatis [6'34]