Where Two Oceans Meet (Cape Reinga)

Where Two Oceans Meet (Cape Reinga) cover
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Where Two Oceans Meet (Cape Reinga)
Royce Creamer (piano)

[ Viscount / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 10 May 2019

This recording was the result of a successful collaboration between Gary and Royce, over the three-month period between November 2018 and February 2019. It was a team effort, involving many hours of creating and re-writing. The works were recorded as they evolved and matured. Much of the musical content are new compositions written especially for Royce and this recording. Some previous melodies of Gary's were re-worked and arranged for Piano.


Song of the Far North
Upper Harbour Retreat
Where Two Oceans Meet (Cape Reinga)
For Sophia
Young Jason
Ode For Royce
Reflections of Royce

Shopping Centre Suite
- Come Shopping
- Coffee Time
- Play Centre
- Bookstore
- Supermarket

Happy Birthday Mozart