Spergher: Organ and Harpsichord Music

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Spergher: Organ and Harpsichord Music
Chiara Minali (organ and harpsichord)

[ Brilliant Classics / 3 CD Box Set ]

Release Date: Saturday 1 June 2019

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Ignazio Spergher (1734-1808) spent his entire life in his native town Treviso, where he was a highly respected singer, keyboard player, teacher and composer, a pupil of the great theorist Giordano Riccati.

This 3CD set presents Spergher's keyboard music, for both organ and harpsichord. The 6 organ sonatas Op. 1 are delightful works in classical/galante style, written in 3 movements fast-slow-fast. The fast movements contain contrasting episodes of "Tutti" and "Concertino", whereas the slow movements abound in sweet cantilene melodies entrusted to the "vox humana" register.

The works for harpsichord are charming pieces used as "Hausmusik", in the pleasing Venetian style of Galuppi and Luchesi.

Played on the Bazzani-Aletti-Zanin organ of the Parish Church of Paderno (Treviso) built in 1903 by the Aletti brothers, embodying much of the earlier 1845 Bazzani organ. The harpsichord used is a copy of a Giusti instrument of 1681, made by Roberto Mattiazzio. The specifications of the instruments are included in the booklet.

Chiara Minali previously recorded organ works by Benedetto Marcello for Brilliant Classics.

"Chiara Minali plays with clarity and appropriate rhythmic drive, which on the organ sounds full of energy. On the harpsichord, a little more rhythmic flexibility would have been appropriate, but this recording should give Spergher's compositions much more prominence. This music deserves to be more widely known by performers and audiences alike." Choir & Organ