And Now A Word From Our Sponsor: 70 Years Of Classic Kiwi Ads

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor: 70 Years Of Classic Kiwi Ads cover
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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor: 70 Years Of Classic Kiwi Ads 

[ Frenzy / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 16 August 2019

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'And Now A Word From Our Sponsor' is a unique, fun filled snapshot of New Zealand's social history as told through the sounds and voices of our radio and tv advertising industry from it's early inception till the present day and featuring many of our biggest stars, song writers & producers, including Billy T James, Rob Guest, John Hanlon, The Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, Jenny Morris, Fiona McDonald, John Rowles, Tim Finn, The Warratahs, Annie Crummer, Hogsnort Rupert, Beaver, Larry's Rebels, Alison Durbin, Larry Killip, Tom Sharplin, Tommy Adderley, Tina Cross, Bunny Walters, Ray Woolf, Shade Smith, David Curtis, Pat McMinn and many more!

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor is made up of 130 jingles across 99 tracks. The tracks are grouped together in relevant chapters e.g fashion, tea and coffee, takeaways, supermarkets, transport etc. Although many of our older jingles have been lost over the decades this compilation has been compiled mostly from the original master tapes.


1 Chesdale Cheese
2 Geddes Dental
3 The Hip-Hi Theme
4 KFC Hugo Said You Go
5 Sailing To The Other Side (The Inter-Islander)
6 Oh Dem Golden Crumpets
7 10th Of July, This Year
8 The Crusher L&P
9 Let's Swing The Jingle For Coca-Cola
10 G-G-G Gerard
11 Pop A Peanut
12 Crunchie
13 Twisties
14 Frist-The Orange Experience
15 Bluebird Wavy Potato Chips
16 Let's Take A Stroll-Coca Cola
17 Soda Stream
18 Bartons Fruit Juice
19 Lifesavers
20 Nestles Chocolate
21 Pasito
22 Nescafe Instant Coffee
23 Choysa Tea
24 P.G. Tips
25 Old Mill Coffee
26 Tea Is The Total Taste
27 Roma Instant Tea
28 Uncles, Fun On The Run
29 Chick A Dee
30 KFC 40th Anniversary
31 Four Square
32 Taniwha Blue
33 Aulsebrooks
34 Fielders Cornflour
35 Irvines Cookies
36 Pepsodent
37 Ipana
38 Grow A Quik Moustache
39 Milk it Instead
40 Incredible Edible
41 I Am An Apple Eater
42 Oh Dem Golden Crumpets (80s version)
43 The New Look Dominion
44 Peach Luncheon
45 LoYo
46 The Great Little Cube
47 Eggs, 2 Egg's Make A Meal
48 Hansens Fly Spray with DDT
49 Nexa Bomb
50 Coopers Fly Spray
51 Coopers Fresh Air
52 Soup For One
53 Gaytime Ice Cream
54 Tip Top Real Ice Creamier
55 Queen Anne
56 Tip Top Strawberry Toppa
57 Tip Top Trumpet
58 Jet Girl Fashions
59 Ginger Group Girl
60 Clings The Thing
61 Columbine
62 Amco Jeans
63 Vyella
64 Hush Puppies
65 Scooters
66 Solavoid
67 Praego
68 Long Johns
69 Summit Shirts
70 Victoria Park Market
71 Southmall Shopping Centre
72 George Courts
73 Clubcard
74 Smiths City
75 Greig & Esterman
76 Rail Freight
77 NZ Airways
78 You're Going Shell
79 Shell The Protector
80 Air Timaru
81 Funky Up Your Bumper
82 Call A Cab
83 Gerard
84 Mazda Wonderlight
85 The Fisherman
86 Christopher Bede
87 NZ Drycleaners
88 Save 10
89 Be Safe At Home
90 Be Safe Be Seen
91 New Zealand's Too Lovely To Litter
92 MOTAT Park
93 Aquatic Park
94 Kelly Tarlton's
95A NZ Pork
95B Arabia Coffee Perculators
95C 2ZB All Night Tonight Show
95D Homestyle Bread (take 1)
95 E The CBA Bank
96 Radio i montage
97 1480 montage
98 Larry Killip montage
99 Steve Robinson montage.