Soirée - Magdalena Kozena & Friends

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Soirée - Magdalena Kozena & Friends
Magdalena Kožená (mezzo), Sir Simon Rattle (piano), Rahel Rilling (violin), Wolfram Brandl (violin), Yulia Deyneka (viola), David Adorjan (cello)

[ Pentatone / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 13 September 2019

Soirée captures the atmosphere of informal, domestic music making. Czech star mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kožená offers an intimate and highly personal collection of international songs together with an outstanding group of musical friends, including Sir Simon Rattle, who makes his recording debut as a pianist. The German lied is represented by Brahms (Two Songs, Op. 91 and Five Ophelia Songs, WoO 22) and Strauss (Morgen!), the French chanson by Chausson (Chanson perpétuelle) and Ravel (Chansons madécasses), and 20th-century avant-gardism with Stravinsky's Three Songs from William Shakespeare. In between these explorations, Kožená revisits her musical roots with a selection of Dvořák songs, arranged by Duncan Ward, as well as Janáček's Nursery Rhymes.

Soirée is the second release of Magdalena Kožená's exclusive collaboration with PENTATONE, after having presented the baroque cantatas recital album Il giardino dei sospiri in 2019.

This albums features Magdalena Kožená, Andrew Marriner, Wolfram Brandl, Rahel Rilling, David Adorjan, Kaspar Zehnder, Sir Simon Rattle and Yulia Deyneka

"Don't you sometimes long for the days when it was common for people to get together every Sunday, bringing their instruments, and after good food, wine and talk, there would be chamber music just for the sheer pleasure of it? And the alcohol would sometimes make the unplayable more or less possible: or at least it felt so...
Although we seldom had the chance to cook for each other, the relaxed atmosphere of family music was permanently present during these concerts and recording sessions, even though they were completely teetotal! Well nearly, as persuading my colleagues to sing in Czech for the Janáček songs did take a couple of drinks to get off the ground..." - Magdalena Kožená


Ernest Chausson

1) Chanson Perpetuelle 7.20

Antonin Dvořák (arr. Duncan Ward): Selection of Songs

2) I. Má píseň zas mi láskou zní (My song resounds with love) 2.42
3) II. Širokými rukávy (Wide sleeves) 1.24
4) III. Mé srdce často (My heart is often in pain) 3.20
5) IV. Žalo dievča (The Moweress) 1.53
6) V. Když mne stará matka (When my mother taught me) 2.40
7) VI. Struna naladěna (The strings are tuned) 1.05
8) VII. Dobrú noc (Good night) 3.19

Johannes Brahms, Op. 91

9) Gestillte Sehnsucht 6.20
10) Geistliches Wiegenlied 5.05

Igor Stravinsky, Three Songs from William Shakespeare

11) I. Musick to heare 2.50
12) II. Full fadom five 1.52
13) III. When Daisies pied 2.05

Maurice Ravel, Chansons madecasses

14) I. Nahandove 6.10
15) II. Aoua 4.03
16) III. Il est doux 4.11

Johannes Brahms, Fünf Ophelia Lieder WoO 22

17) I. Wie erkenn' ich dein Treulieb 0.58
18) II. Sein Leichenhemd weiß wie Schnee zu sehn 0.30
19) III. Auf Morgen ist Sankt Valentins Tag 0.57
20) IV. Sie trugen ihn auf der Bahre bloß 1.05
21) V. Und kommt er nicht mehr zurück? 1.54

Leoš Janáček: Říkadla (Nursery Rhymes)

22) I. Leze krtek podle meze (The mole creeps)
23) II. Karel do pekla zajel (Karel rode off to hell)
24) III. Franta rasůl hrálna basu (Franta Rasul playing bass 1.03
25) IV. dĕlám, dĕlám kázání (Children, hear my sermon) 1.06
26) V. Hó, hó, krávy dó (Ho, ho, off the cows go)
27) VI. Kozabílá hrušky sbírá (The white goat's picking up the pears) 0.40
28) VII. Vašek, pašek (Vacek, scallywag) 0.37
29) VIII. Frantíku, Frantíku (Frantik, Frantik) 0.25

Richard Strauss

30) Morgen! 4.01