Long Time Ago

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Long Time Ago
Adèle Charvet, Susan Manoff

[ Alpha Classics / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 1 November 2019

The young mezzo-soprano Adèle Charvet has already attracted attention in the opera house, but she is also passionately interested in the song repertory. For her first album, she has devised a very personal programme, deriving in part from her musical partnership and friendship with the pianist Susan Manoff. Both of them have drawn on their New York childhoods. 'Long Time Ago weaves together the threads of our lives', says Susan. Adèle continues 'The musical journey is immense, from the central repertory of American music - Barber, Copland, Ives - to cabaret songs (Heggie, Bolcom), with a detour by way of England: Britten, Vaughan Williams . . . For example, Jake Heggie's Amor describes the journey across the city of a faux-naïf sex maniac. The police, the ice cream vendor, the gospel choir all shout "AMOR!" when they see him. Samuel Barber's Solitary Hotel is like an Edward Hopper painting in music; Aaron Copland's At the River invites pilgrims to the church meeting: "Yes, we'll gather at the river..." The programme unfolds like a wheel, a cycle that traverses the cardinal points of a life.'

"Much of it is beautifully done. Charvet has a warm, appealing mezzo, with a tangy lower register and fine dynamic control at the top. She's at her best in jazz-inflected or declamatory numbers...Manoff, as one might expect, is consistently stylish and wonderfully insightful throughout." - Gramophone


Old American Songs: Zion's Walls - Aaron Copland
Old American Songs: Long Time Ago - Aaron Copland
The House of Life: Silent Noon - Ralph Vaughan Williams
Fish in the Unruffled Lakes: Night Covers up the Rigid Land - Benjamin Britten
Four Cabaret Songs: Johnny - Benjamin Britten
Despite and Still, Op.41: Solitary Hotel - Samuel Barber
The Santa Fe Songs: Listening to Jazz - Glen Roven
Songs to the Moon: The Moon's the North Wind's Cooky - Jake Heggie
Cabaret Songs Vol.1: Amor - William Bolcom
Cabaret Songs Vol.1: Waitin - William Bolcom
Four Cabaret Songs: Funeral Blues - Benjamin Britten
Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson: Heart, We will Forget Him! - Aaron Copland
Hermit Songs, Op.29: The Desire for Hermitage - Samuel Barber
114 Songs: Remembrance - Charles Ives
Four Songs, Op.13: Nocturne - Samuel Barber
I Said to Love, Op.19b: Two Lips - Gerald Finzi
Four Songs, Op.13: Sure on This Shining Night - Samuel Barber
Four Songs, Op.13: The Secrets of the Old - Samuel Barber
Song of a Nightclub Proprietress - Madeleine Dring
Natural Selection: Animal Passion - Jake Heggie
114 Songs: Songs My Mother Taught Me - Charles Ives
7 Elizabethan Lyrics, Op.12: Weep You No More - Roger Quilter
Old American Songs: At the River - Aaron Copland

'Amor' (Bolcom)