This Is Not A Dream (LP)

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This Is Not A Dream (LP)

[ Grapefruit / 2 LP ]

Release Date: Friday 28 February 2020

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This Is Not a Dream is a double album collection of every song released by the legendary Dunedin, New Zealand quartet Dadamah, including the This Is Not A Dream LP, and their three 7-inch singles and one unique compilation track. Grapefruit's release is a thirteen-song collection with the full album on one LP and all the 7-inch and compilation tracks on the other.

Inspired by the Kranky label's CD compilation of Dadamah's existing catalog in 1994, this vinyl version includes two additional songs from a posthumously released 7-inch and it's been sequenced and designed by the band. Before Dadamah, Peter Stapleton played in The Terminals, Vacuum and The Victor Dimisich Band as well as The Pin Group with guitarist Roy Montgomery. Singer Kim Pieters and organ / synth player Janine Stagg had never been in a band before Dadamah.

After Dadamah, Roy Montgomery went on to form Dissolve and Hash Jar Tempo as well as maintaining his eclectic solo career which continues to feature intense collaborations like those found in Dadamah (find other Roy Montgomery titles on Grapefruit). Peter Stapleton and Kim Pieters formed Flies Inside The Sun and Stapleton continued his work with The Terminals and his independent label Metonymic which released tons of experimental and underground New Zealand music through 2009.


A1. Limbo Swing
A2. Papa Doc
A3. Too Hot to Dry
B1. Prove
B2. Brian's Children
B3. High Tension House
C1. Replicant Emotions
C2. Nicotine
C3. High Time
C4. Scratch Sun
D1. Radio Brain
D2. Absent and Erotic Lives
D3. Violet Stains Red