The Mythos Suite

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The Mythos Suite
Stephen Fry (spoken word, composerlyricist), Debbie Wiseman (music production, composerlyricist, work arranger), Jack Liebeck (violin), etc

[ Decca / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 6 March 2020

The Mythos Suite is a unique project, with Audio Network bringing together Stephen Fry's storytelling talents with Debbie Wiseman OBE's celebrated skills as a composer. The music, composed by Debbie, was inspired by Stephen Fry's work Mythos, an international bestseller that re-tells the Greek myths, and developed with him. This 5-track suite of long-form compositions showcases musical tales from the beginning of time (Chaos), together with those of Apollo and Marsyas, Persephone,

Rhea and Sisyphus, performed by the National Symphony Orchestra. The release also contains an additional 5 tracks of instrumental only tracks.


The Story Of Chaos
Tempest (The Music Of Chaos)
The Story Of Rhea
Hidden Danger (The Music Of Rhea)
The Story Of Persephone
Demeter (The Music Of Persephone)
The Story Of Apollo & Marsyas
Aegeon Sea (The Music Of Apollo & Marsyas)
The Story Of Sisyphus
Voyage Of Scyrus (The Music Of Sisyphus)