Monteverdi: Madrigals [Books 1 - 9]

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Monteverdi: Madrigals [Books 1 - 9]
Delitiæ Musicæ, Marco Longhini

[ Naxos / 15 CD Box Set ]

Release Date: Wednesday 1 July 2020

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The madrigal, written for courts and patrons, was the ultimate secular song. The genre reached its zenith with the works of Claudio Monteverdi in successive books that trace his technical and expressive innovations. In them, Monteverdi explored themes such as the vicissitudes and pleasures of love, as well as the art of war, and the pain of loss.

The editions used in these recordings are the most authentic and uncut, and, in keeping with 17th-century practice, employ male voices only. Praised as 'compelling, simultaneously controlled and imaginative' (American Record Guide) the collection also includes pieces never before recorded.