Bowen: Fragments from Hans Andersen & Studies

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Bowen: Fragments from Hans Andersen & Studies
Nicolas Namoradze (piano)

[ Hyperion / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 8 January 2021

In this wonderfully planned programme the whimsical poetry of York Bowen's Hans Andersen 'fragments'-music for a fully-fledged technique, despite the fairy-tale titles-is pleasingly complemented by the bravura of the studies. Nicolas Namoradze proves more than equal to the demands of both.

"A terrific pianist...with all the colouristic and stylistic attributes one could wish for allied to a formidable technique, the kind of musician whose artistry is like a compelling novel where you can hardly wait for what comes next...Superbly recorded and performed with such distinction, this release must be an early Awards nominee." Gramophone Editor's Choice January 2021

'Bowen's Fragments from Hans Andersen are ten musical vignettes, each capturing a scene or character inspired by the master of fairytales. Namoradze brings a deft touch to these charming works, teasing out their respective tenderness, melancholy and wit with subtlety and poise...[In the Op. 46 Studies] Namoradze once more brings total technical assurance alongside exuberance and an unshowy sense of integrity to these fiendish pieces. An altogether enjoyable disc.' BBC Music Instrumental Pick of the Month Feb 2021


Fragments from Hans Andersen, Op 58/61
I. The snowdrop, or summer-geck
II. Thumbelina
III. The metal pig
IV. The golden treasure
V. The bird of popular song
VI. The marsh-king's daughter
VII. The windmill
VIII. The hardy tin soldier
IX. A leaf from the sky
X. A picture from the fortress wall

Concert study for piano No 1 in G flat major, Op 9 No 2
Concert study for piano No 2 in F major, Op 32

12 Studies for piano, Op 46
I. Chords of heavy quality
II. Light staccato chords
III. For the 'five fingers'
IV. For forearm rotation
V. For the glissando
VI. For pianissimo legato playing and melody
VII. To induce lateral freedom of hand and arm
VIII. For finger staccato
IX. For various pedal effects
X. For octave playing
XI. For brilliancy in passagework
XII. For trills and tremolos