Bartók, Ravel, Kurtág, Coulais

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Bartók, Ravel, Kurtág, Coulais
Hélène Collerette (violin), Cyril Dupuy & Ludovit Kovac (cymbalums)

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Release Date: Friday 12 March 2021

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"Romanian folk dances" (1915) a suite of six short works for piano composed by Béla Bartók, is performed here in an arrangement for violin and cimbalom. Bartók wrote his Solo violin sonata (a commission from Yehudi Menuhin) in 1944: The folklore omnipresent in the "Romanian folk dances" is completely submerged in this monumental sonata by a vibrant homage to Bach's music. Maurice composed "Tzigane" in 1924. For this "virtuoso piece in the style of a Hungarian rhapsody", Ravel, ever keenly attentive to timbre, chose a unique instrument to accompany the violin: the luthéal, an instrument "able to reproduce the sound of a harpsichord, the sound of a harp or a lute and, by a simultaneous combination of every register, the sound of a cimbalom." For this recording, Hélène Collerette asked Ludovit Kovac and Cyril Dupuy to propose a version for violin and two cimbaloms. György Kurtág is especially well-known for his compositions in short forms, here the "Eight duos for violin and cimbalom" (1961). There is no trace of folklore in the writing, but in using a "zimbalo ungherese" for these duos with violin, Kurtág is paying homage through timbre and colour to his cultural patrimony. Bruno Coulais composed "Mosaïque" (2018) for this recording. This suite, freely modal in style, is made up of several poetic character pieces designed to highlight the sonority of the instrumentalist.


1. Tzigane
2. Sonate: I. Tempo di ciaconna
3. Sonate: II. Fuga
4. Sonate: III. Melodia
5. Sonate: IV. Presto
6. Mosaïque: I. Mosaïque 1
7. Mosaïque: II. Mosaïque 2
8. Mosaïque: III. Mosaïque 3
9. Mosaïque: IV. Mosaïque 4
10. Mosaïque: V. Mosaïque 5
11. Mosaïque: VI. Mosaïque 6
12. Mosaïque: VII. Mosaïque 7
13. Huit duos pour violon et cymbalum: I. Poco sostenu
14. Huit duos pour violon et cymbalum: II. Agitato
15. Huit duos pour violon et cymbalum: III. Risoluto
16. Huit duos pour violon et cymbalum: IV. Lento
17. Huit duos pour violon et cymbalum: V. Allegretto
18. Huit duos pour violon et cymbalum: VI. Vivo
19. Huit duos pour violon et cymbalum: VII. Adagio
20. Huit duos pour violon et cymbalum: VIII. Vivo
21. Danses populaires roumaines: I. Jocul cu bâta
22. Danses populaires roumaines: II. Brâul
23. Danses populaires roumaines: III. Pe loc
24. Danses populaires roumaines: IV. Buciumeana
25. Danses populaires roumaines: V. Poarga Româneasca
26. Danses populaires roumaines: VI. Marun?el