Tally Ho / Platypus (Clear Vinyl 7")

Tally Ho / Platypus (Clear Vinyl 7") cover
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The Clean
Tally Ho / Platypus (Clear Vinyl 7")

[ Merge / 7in ]

Release Date: Friday 12 November 2021

Pitchfork described "Tally Ho!" as "a classic of immense proportions, from its Velcro melody, absurdly mixed garage organ and motorik beat, to the crusty, hiss-laden home eight-track recording that embodies it." Recorded in the middle of a New Zealand tour for a humble NZ$60, the song broke into the country's Top 20 singles chart at #19, surprising everyone including the band. Its B-side "Platypus" was recorded live at a show just days prior, capturing the band's buoyant and elastic sound on stage. The 7-inch reissue will be available on limited-edition silver vinyl and standard black vinyl, as well as limited clear vinyl exclusively in New Zealand.


Side A: Tally Ho!
Side B: Platypus