Behind Closed Doors, Brescianello, Vol. 1

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Behind Closed Doors, Brescianello, Vol. 1
Adrian Chandler (director/violin) / La Serenissima

[ Signum / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 19 November 2021

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La Serenissima presents a post-lockdown recording of the little-known 18th Century Italian composer, Brescianello. A contemporary of Vivaldi, Brescianello is a composer whose music languishes in relative obscurity. Whilst the mists of time have claimed some composers' music for justifiable reasons, Brescianello's music presents many compelling arguments for its restoration. Having first included Brescianello in La Serenissima's 2014 season, they have since staged his opera Tisbe, recorded a violin concerto (Extra Time, SIGCD641), a trio sonata (Settecento, SIGCD663) and other works. It is surprising that the Opus 1 was the only set of works that Brescianello chose to publish and thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, La Serenissima have now been given the opportunity to start their exploration of this wonderful publication.

La Serenissima is recognised as the UK's leading exponent of the music of eighteenth-century Venice and connected composers. Uniquely, the group's entire repertoire is edited from source material, and it has been praised for its 'glorious and all-too-rare ability to make one's pulse race afresh with every new project' (Gramophone). La Serenissima has become synonymous with virtuosity, dynamism and accessibility, uncovering a plethora of new repertoire and making it available to all through live performance, high calibre recording work, education and outreach initiatives.

"★★★★ ★ Performance, ★★★★ ★ Recording. The performances by this accomplished ensemble are polished and invigorating. Chandler's solo violin playing is articulate, warm toned and communicative, and he is supported throughout by his disciplined and responsive players, among whom the continuo group excels…In summary, a rewarding issue." - BBC Music Magazine


Concerto I for violin, strings & continuo in F
[1] Allegro [4.10]
[2] Adagio [2.22]
[3] Allegro assai [4.26]

Sinphonia I for strings & continuo in D
[4] Allegro - Adagio [2.58]
[5] Presto [4.03]

Concerto II for violin, strings & continuo in a
[6] Allegro [3.30]
[7] Adagio ed à tempo giusto [2.32]
[8] Allegro [3.49]

Sinphonia II for strings & continuo in G
[9] Allegro - Adagio [3.29]
[10] Presto [2.49]

Concerto III for violin, strings & continuo in Bb
[11] Allegro [4.23]
[12] Adagio e cantábile [2.14]

[13] Allegro [4.00]

Sinphonia III for strings & continuo in C
[14] Allegro - Largo [6.04]
[15] Allegro [2.49]

Ouverture-Suite in Bb
[16] Ouverture - Fuga [4.13]