Ian Bostridge - Tormento d'amore

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Ian Bostridge - Tormento d'amore
Ian Bostridge (tenor), Cappella Neapolitana, Antonio Florio

[ Warner Classics / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 18 February 2022

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With the 10 arias on Tormento d'amore, Ian Bostridge demonstrates the important place that the tenor voice held in Italian opera from the mid-17th to the mid-18th century - often thought of as the era of the castrato. At this time, there were two main centres of opera in Italy: Venice, where such composers as Cavalli, Vivaldi, Cesti, Stradella, Sartorio and Legrenzi were active, and Naples, home to Provenzale, Caresana, Vinci and Fago. In addition to arias - two of them in world premiere recordings - the album offers five instrumental sinfonie and a traditional Neapolitan song, 'Lu cardillo', or 'The Goldfinch', a songbird closely associated with Naples. Bostridge is partnered by conductor Antonio Florio and his ensemble Cappella Neapolitana.


Sartorio: Orfeo: Sinfonia

Cavalli: Io resto solo? ... Misero, così va (from Eliogabalo)

Stradella: Soffria, sperena (from Il Corispero)

Cesti: Berenice (from Il Tito)

Cesti: L'Argia: Sinfonia

Caresana: Tien ferma Fortuna (from Le Avventure di una fede)

Provenzale: Deh rendetemi ombre care (from La Stellidaira)

Provenzale: Che speri o mio core (from Il Schiavo di sua moglie)

Legrenzi: Il Totila: Sinfonia

Vinci, Leonardo: Se il mio paterno amore (from Siroe, re di Persia)

Vinci, Leonardo: Gelido in ogni vena (from Siroe, re di Persia)

Fago: Il Faraone sommerso: Sinfonia

Fago: Nuove staggi e spaventi (from Il Faraone sommerso)

Vivaldi: Gelido in ogni vena (from Il Farnace, RV711)

Anonymous.: Lu cardillo

Provenzale: La Stellidaura, Act 1: "Deh rendetemi ombre care"