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Rudnev: Music for Guitar
Sergei Rudnov, Aynur Begutov, Anton Baranov, Rovshan Mamedkuliev, Vladimir Mityakov (guitars)

[ Brilliant Classics / 3 CD Box Set ]

Release Date: Friday 25 February 2022

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Russian guitarist and composer Sergei Ivanovich Rudnev was born in 1955 in Tula. In 1975 he graduated in the accordion and balalaika class of Tula's "Dargomyzhsky" Conservatory, and while attending this school he studied guitar with A. Slavsky and P. Panin in Moscow.

On completion of these studies he was transferred to the Garrison Military Orchestra, where he served as an assistant conductor and learned to play the flute, percussion instruments and harmonica and was trained in arranging for pop orchestras.

In the 80s Rudnev worked as musical director of various rock and jazz groups and accompanied various singers. Around the same time, he mastered symphonic arranging and studied composition with O. Feltsman and M. Tariverdiev. By the beginning of the 80s Rudnev had already written more than a hundred compositions for classical guitar and had begin a career as a concert guitarist.

In 2015 Sergei Rudnev was named a Russian 'National Treasure', and numerous publications on his life and work hail Rudnev as 'the soul' of Russian guitar, a legend, a multi-instrumentalist and one-of-a-kind researcher. 2018 saw the publication of Russian Guitar Composers of the 19th Century, in which music written for Russia's native seven-string guitar was arranged for classical guitar for the first time and thereby made accessible to the guitar community of the entire world.

Rudnev's compositions are played literally all over the world by both Russian and Western musicians, and the success of his music is now comparable to that of classical guitar luminaries such as H. Villa-Lobos, A. Barrios and F. Tárrega. His sincere and boundless love of Russian culture, deep knowledge of the developmental history of both the classical and the seven-string guitar and compositional innovation in a varied range of musical styles (from folk to jazz) have all contributed to Rudnev's unique place in the guitar pantheon.

Recorded January-March 2021 in Kazan, Tula, Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia


1Sergei Rudnev: The old-Lime Tree
2Sergei Rudnev: Steppe And Steppe Around 3Sergei Rudnev: The Willow Tree
4Sergei Rudnev: Oh, You, the Night
5Sergei Rudnev: Trinity
6Sergei Rudnev: Creeps And Curls
7Sergei Rudnev: On The Murom Road
8Sergei Rudnev: A Young One's Path
9Sergei Rudnev: Monotonously Ringing Little Bell 10Sergei Rudnev: In The Mountains of Dagestan
11Sergei Rudnev: We Went on a Boat Ride 12Sergei Rudnev: Poor Girl
13Sergei Rudnev: Not for Me
14Sergei Rudnev: Evening Bell
15Sergei Rudnev: Like Two Doves on an Oak Tree
16Sergei Rudnev: Nothing in the Field
17Sergei Rudnev: To The Road I Go Alone 18Sergei Rudnev: Oh, Samara-City

1Sergei Rudnev: The Magic Lake
2Sergei Rudnev: Dreams Come True
3Sergei Rudnev: Prelude
4Sergei Rudnev: Evening Mood
5Sergei Rudnev: Vivat Maestro
6Sergei Rudnev: Marsel Dadi
7Sergei Rudnev: Alpine Mazurka
8Sergei Rudnev: Strokes to the Portrait
9Sergei Rudnev: Tribute to Barrios
10Sergei Rudnev: In Expectation
11Sergei Rudnev: Swan Song
12Sergei Rudnev: «The Link of Times» - Sonatina
13Sergei Rudnev: White Grand Piano
14Sergei Rudnev: Wind-Up Toy
15Sergei Rudnev: Romance
16Sergei Rudnev: Italian Capriccio
17Sergei Rudnev: A Bygone Day

1Sergei Rudnev: Watercolour I
2Sergei Rudnev: Watercolour II
3Sergei Rudnev: Night Café
4Sergei Rudnev: Etude-Fantasy
5Sergei Rudnev: Mirage
6Sergei Rudnev: The Bright Night
7Sergei Rudnev: Ukrainian Towel
8Sergei Rudnev: Dreams
9Sergei Rudnev: Latin American Etude
10Sergei Rudnev: To My Friends
11Sergei Rudnev: Island of Hope
12Sergei Rudnev: Forget-Me-Not Flower
13Sergei Rudnev: Caravan
14Sergei Rudnev: Cossack Rhapsody
15Sergei Rudnev: Take Tree
16Sergei Rudnev: Autumn Sketch
17Sergei Rudnev: Greetings From Odessa