Davis: Blue

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Davis: Blue
Beth & Flo (Pianos / Piano Four Hands), Grace Davidson and Julia Doyle (sopranos), Joshua Davidson (treble), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

[ Signum / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 6 October 2023

This is Oliver Davis' first album dedicated to the piano, and specifically two pianists, Dutch piano duo Beth & Flo. The album features this dynamic duo playing four hands piano and also on two pianos with full orchestra. The song cycle 'Siren Songs' features sopranos Grace Davidson, Julia Doyle and Grace's son chorister Joshua Davidson. The theme of the album is water, in its many forms with songs depicting a river journey, Sea Dances for four hands and strings, Sea Waltzes in addition to the Water Variations. The opening piece, The Water Garden, will be one of three singles being released prior to the album's launch. The pianists and singers are accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul Bateman.


Sea Dances for piano four hands and strings
[1] The Puffer Fish
[2] Graceful Giants

Coral Suite for two pianos and orchestra
[3] I
[4] II
[5] III

[6] The Water Garden for piano four hands, harp, celeste and strings

Water Variations for piano four hands, strings and voices
[7] Variation 1
[8] Variation 2
[9] Variation 3
[10] Theme
Grace Davidson soprano
Oliver Davis tenor

[11] Tango for piano four hands

Dream Songs for two sopranos, piano four hands, strings and choir
[12] Daybreak
[13] Drift
[14] Lost
[15] Home
Grace Davidson soprano
Julia Doyle soprano
The Blue Choir

Shoals for piano four hands, celeste and strings
[16] I
[17] II
[18] III
[19] Blue for piano four hands