Copland Conducts Copland

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Copland Conducts Copland
Henry Fonda (narrator) Benny Goodman, Isaac Stern / London Symphony Orchestra, Columbia Symphony Orchestra, New Philharmonia Orchestra

[ Sony Classical / 20 CD Box Set ]

Release Date: Friday 12 April 2024

This boxset includes Aaron Copland's complete own recordings for Columbia Masterworks from 1935 to 1976 on 19 CDs plus recordings of two of his works by Leonard Bernstein on one additional CD. Although Sony Classical has issued many of Aaron Copland's CBS/Columbia recordings on CD before, including a major 5-disc set in 2013, this new 20-disc collection marks the first all-inclusive compilation of Aaron Copland's authoritative interpretations with the composer's six early recordings for the first time on Sony Classical CD. Aaron Copland not only created some of the most original, influential, and appealing compositions in the history of American music. He also left posterity a body of recordings that illustrate exactly how he wanted these pieces to go - a priceless, new 20-CD legacy of authentic performances, the "heart of the composer's discography".

The boxset includes collaborations with Benny Goodman, Isaac Stern, the Juilliard String Quartet, William Warfield, Henry Fonda, and more

"The composer directs with unrivalled insight throughout. The remastering is done most skilfully, retaining the ambience of the originals, while achieving more refined detail." (Penguin Guide)


Copland: Concerto For Clarinet, Strings & Harp With Benny Goodman (1950)
Copland: Piano Quartet
Copland: Piano Variations (1930)
Copland: Nocturne (1928)
Copland: Vitebsk, Study On A Jewish Theme For Piano Trio
Copland: Ukulele Serenade

Copland: Old American Songs With William Warfield (1951/53)
Copland: Twelve Poems Of Emily Dickinson With Martha Lipton

Copland: Appalachian Spring (Ballet For Martha)
Copland: The Tender Land: Suite

Copland: Concerto For Clarinet, Strings & Harp With Benny Goodman (1963)
Copland: Old American Songs With William Warfield (1962)

Copland: Piano Concerto
Copland: Music For The Theatre (Suite In 5 Parts For Small Orchestra)

Copland: The Tender Land (Opera In Three Acts)

Copland: Music For A Great City
Copland: Statements For Orchestra

Copland: Twelve Poems Of Emily Dickinson With Adele Addison
Copland: Las Agachadas
Copland: In The Beginning
Copland: Lark

Copland: Piano Quartet
Copland: Sextet For Clarinet, Piano And String Quartet
Copland: Vitebsk, Study On A Jewish Theme For Piano Trio

DISC 10:
Copland: Short Symphony "Symphony No. 2"
Copland: Dance Symphony

DISC 11:
Copland: An Outdoor Overture
Copland: Our Town Suite
Copland: 2 Pieces For String Quartet (Instrumental)
Copland: Quiet City

DISC 12:
Copland: Billy The Kid Suite
Copland: 4 Dance Episodes From Rodeo

DISC 13:
Copland: Fanfare For The Common Man
Copland: Lincoln Portrait
Copland: Appalachian Spring

DISC 14:
Copland: Symphonic Ode
Copland: Preamble For A Solemn Occasion
Copland: Orchestral Variations

DISC 15:
Copland: Appalachian Spring
Copland: Copland Rehearses Appalachian Spring

DISC 16:
Copland: Sonata For Violin And Piano (1942/3) With Isaac Stern
Copland: Duo For Flute And Piano With Elaine Shaffer
Copland: Nonet For String Orchestra

DISC 17:
Copland: Danzón Cubano
Copland: 3 Latin American Sketches
Copland: El Salón México
Copland: Dance Panels

DISC 18:
Copland: The Red Pony Suite
Copland: John Henry
Copland: Music For Movies
Copland: Letter From Home
Copland: Down A Country Lane

DISC 19:
Copland: Symphony No. 3

DISC 20:
Copland: Inscape
Copland: Connotations