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Quick Search Tips

The quick search does it’s magic by looking at the unique words in your search -- but it doesn’t always find exactly what you are looking for. Quite often it finds more items than you expected.

You can help refine the results by using " " around an exact phrase you are looking for.

1. In our example we’re going to be looking for the classic TV show "The Saint".

Typing The Saint in to the quick search (without the quotes) and then clicking the search button will find many items. The word "The" is a very common word and is ignored by the search engine by default.

type it for me To make it look for "The Saint" exactly as we typed it, you need to put " " around the search term. So type "The Saint" (with quotes) into the quick search box at the top (or click the "type it for me" button). Now click the search button (but remember to click the back button, when you are done, to return to this page).

Using the Advanced Search we could have found the same items we were looking for, by selecting the following options: Set "section" to "DVD", and set "DVD Title" to "begins with" and then type "The Saint", without the quotes. Either of these two searches would have found us the items we were looking for.

type it for me 2. You can also search for 2 different things at the same time. In this example we’re looking for anything by Shihad (or Pacifier as they were known as for a while). If we search for "Shihad", we get a slightly different set of results than if we search for "Pacifier". So what we can do is search for "Shihad or Pacifier" (without the quotes). Give it a go and see for yourself.

You can combine these 2 techniques, and in doing so, should have you finding the items you are looking for in no time.

One thing to note is that "Pink Floyd or Dire Straits" is totally different from "Pink Floyd" or "Dire Straits". We’ll leave it to you to try that out for yourselves.

We hope you have gotten the hang of the basics of using the Quick Search -- have fun with it and remember:

If you continue to have problems, you can email or call us on +64 9 379 0444 for help from a real person!

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