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Debussy & Rameau cover
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Debussy & Rameau
Vikingur Olafsson (piano)
[ Deutsche Grammophon / CD - released 27/Mar/2020 ]
"It could have been a triumph of style over substance but, like the Bach, the programming here is truly inspired...Where else could Ólafsson end but with 'Hommage à Rameau' from Images, Book 1?" Gramophone Editor's Choice April 2020
Glass: Piano Works cover
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Glass: Piano Works
Víkingur Ólafsson (piano) / Siggi String Quartet
[ Deutsche Grammophon / CD - released 1/May/2017 ]
"Ólafsson's interpretations inhabit a unique, distinct and extraordinary world all their own...[he] possesses that rare gift of illuminating a familiar work in unexpected ways, revealing hidden depths and drawing out its best qualities" Gramophone