Lost Soul Music

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Lost Soul Music

[ Round Trip Mars CD / CD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 15 May 2001

Highly recommended second album from local multi-instrumentalist / vocalist / downbeat / electronica wizard, Sean James Donnelly. With guests, including Don McGlashan of The Front Lawn / The Muttonbirds. Amazing, original soundscapes... Highly recommended!

Rarely do we get an 'electronic' artist who combines authentic song structure, real instruments and his own vocal talents all in one package. Mastered by the don Angus McNaughton, artwork by design beast Besantron 2000. The overall result is a refreshingly deep and soulful album, 12 tracks full of funk, melody and harmony, honest and uncompromising. Pure aural pleasure! 'Lost Soul Music' will simply take your breath away…

"The end result of long hours in the studio, underpaid session musicians, pain, joy, psychosis and lots of dicking about on computers, bedroom boffin semi-extraordinaire, sjd returns with a new album of middle-fi treats and mouth watering sonic seasonings. The follow-up to his debut album '3' is 'Lost Soul Music' - electronica with a beating heart - all intricate rhythms, sublime bass-lines and songs as elusive as passing butterflies swept upon winds of ambiguity (before being cruelly dismembered by disgruntled gatecrashers). Mysterious, alluring melodies matched with quirkily handsome (yet undeniably well-hung) ensemble parts, glittering countermelodies set adrift upon a sea of celestial harmonies and all grafted mercilessly to a rhythm section of muscle, cartilage and bone. This is music for the heart and for the headphones (and even the ass has been catered for)".

The album starts with an ethereal intro 'lsm', sjd's soothing vocals float over a beautiful piano accompaniment…next kicks in the bfm hit and punters favourite, the stunner that is 'Four Door', an uptempo groover with an infectious bassline, choppy beats and sjd's melodic vocal snippets riding over the rhythm in perfect time. Now for 'The Lowdown Part 1', electronica heaven - a twisty percussive number full of quirky whirrs, tinkles and crackles, coaxing you into 'The Lowdown Part II' - a cinematic piece with a delish funky bassline, reminiscent of classic French downbeat - tres chic! Next up we have 'A Boy', intricately detailed, melodramatic yet cute and compact, a real song to soothe your woes…'Tree People' is the first single off the album, oozing soul, this timeless track will take you back to the 70's and bring you beyond, very smoove, very enticing…we have 'Trubble' now - a smouldering journey into gospel and soul with outstanding vocals by Sandy Mills, a bonafide slowburner to keep your heads nodding. Hop into 'Hatchback' [a reprise of the second track] sending 'Four Door' into space, the journey continues deeper. 'Guiding Light' is freshly squeezed juice with a bite, lush, loungey strings, plus frantic piano, it is dramatic and cheeky all at once.

'96 Seconds' is heavy rolling funk business with a catchy guitar riff, rocking the dancefloor as well as massaging your headphones. More groove with 'Colin Meccano', this track struts along with endless funking bass, sensuous strings and choir-esque vocal snippets, turning into a minimal slow grind meltdown. Closing with 'Triptoe', melancholic guitar action lulls alongside the delectable bass and keyboard melody that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, sjd's vocals are the icing on the cake, leaves you wanting more…a favourite! Don't sleep on this one.


four door
the lowdown pt.1
the lowdown pt.2
a boy
tree people
guiding light
96 seconds
colin meccano

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