Gift of Screws

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Lindsey Buckingham
Gift of Screws

[ Reprise Records / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 29 September 2008

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'Gift of Screws' is Lindsey Buckingham's fifth solo album and the follow-up to the hugely underrated, acoustically focused 'Under the Skin' (2006).

Primarily recorded & self-produced at his home studio, and on the road during the 'Under The Skin' tour, 'Gift of Screws' also features two songs co-produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day & My Chemical Romance). Mixing the immediacy of the best of his contributions to Fleetwood Mac with experimental production flourishes, highlights of the set include: "Bel Air Rain"; "Time Precious Time"; "Underground"; "Love Runs Deeper"; and "Treason".

"You could certainly say this album is a distillation of a number periods of time, some false starts to make albums, certainly some songs that go back a number of years, that took a while to find a home here, combined with brand-new songs and a whole other outlook", explains Buckingham. "And the fact that there was a kind of tenacity & focus to want to bring all of this together in one place. The fact that as an artist I'm still, for better or worse, clinging to my idealism and to my sense that there is still yet much to be said. This is a culmination of that."

"The first one was more of a boutique kind of album", he adds by way of comparing 'Under The Skin' with 'Gift of Screws'. "It's almost like the opening act and then the headline act in terms of the kind of approach. Here I'm bringing to bear many more aspects of what I can do - guitar solos, just rocking a lot more in addition to the other things. It does rock more! And they do seem to complement each other."

The album also features the unmistakable sound of the Fleetwood Mac rhythm section, as John McVie & Mick Fleetwood contribute to several songs including the title-track & "Wait for You".

"The sound under him is a wild roadhouse blues with the signature of old bandmates Mick Fleetwood & John McVie. Fleetwood's drumming also powers "The Right Place To Fade", a classic Mac-style hook barrage with a strummy "Go Your Own Way" gallop and a head-kicking harmony chorus."


1. Great Day
2. Time Precious Time
3. Did You Miss Me
4. I Wanna Wait for You
5. Love Runs Deeper
6. Bel Air Rain
7. The Right Place to Fade
8. Gift of Screws
9. Underground
10. Treason