Ludi Musici: The Spirit of Dance 1450 - 1650

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Ludi Musici: The Spirit of Dance 1450 - 1650
Montserrat Figueras / La Capella Reial de Catalunya / Le Concert des Nations / Hesperion XXI / Jordi Savall

[ Alia Vox / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 1 December 2008

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"Life-affirming music, exuberant yet elegant, given spirited, technically-brilliant, richly-textured realisations: five stars it is." BBC Music Magazine, February 2008 *****


From Orient
Afghanistan : Laïla Djân, Berbère :Amazigh Lullaby, Turquie : Makam 'Uzäl Sakil "Turna" & Rhodes : La guirnalda de rosas (Sefardi)

From Italy
Ballo: Collinetto (Napoli), Strambotto: Correno multi cani, Base dance: La Spagna (Anonyme) & Alle Stamenge (Canto Carnascialesco)

From England
Gallyard (Anonyme), Lullaby: My little sweet darling (Anon.) & Dance (Anonyme)

From France
Tourdion : Quand je bois du vin (Anon.), Bourrée d'avignognez (Anonyme), La Folia:Yo Soy la Locura (Du Bailly) & Les Nimphes de la Grenouillere (Anon.)

From Germany
Pavan V LUDI MUSICI (S. Scheidt) & Galliard Battaglia (S. Scheidt)

From Spain
Villancico :Yo me soy la morenica, Canarios : No piense Menguilla, Romanesca: Recercada 7 (D.Ortiz) & Baile:Niña como en tus mudanças

From The New World
Folias Criollas (Peru), Mestizo e Indio:Tleycantimo (Oaxaca) & Guaracha:Ay que me abraso (Mexico)