Mare Nostrum [2 SACDs plus large book]

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Mare Nostrum [2 SACDs plus large book]
Montserrat Figueras, Lior Elmaleh, Gursoy Dincer, Pierre Hamon, Driss Elmalouni, Pedro Estevan & Ferran Savall / Hespèrion XXI, Jordi Savall

[ Alia Vox SACD / 2 Hybrid SACD ]

Release Date: Sunday 1 April 2012

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Mare Nostrum' (Latin for "Our Sea") was a Roman name for the Mediterranean Sea, an area that may be regarded as the greatest place of exchange and dialogue in the history of human kind. Of course, music is no exception. In this new lavishly illustrated CD book, Jordi Savall invites us to explore the myth of the Mediterranean Sea as mother of people and cultures, from Morocco to Israel, from Spain to Lebanon. The antique Greek illustration on the front cover underlines how far-reaching - in space and time - this project is.

"Like Hesperion's previous CDs, this one is a lovely tissue of local musics...The soloists are remarkable: Gursoy Dincer brings a gentle Turkish lilt, Lior Elmaleh an answering sound from Jerusalem, and Montserrat Figueras accompanies herself on a variety of instruments in songs from all over...her passing represents a loss to the musical world."
(BBC Choral & Song Choice - March 2012)

"Savall's collaboration with non-Western musicians receives here perhaps its fullest expression. The quality of the performances is gentle and serious. Even the livelier instrumental numbers are imbued with a sense of innate poise...[Figueras's] voice, delicate yet warm, and wonderfully evocative, is heard to most moving effect."


Unamatica de ruda MAROCCO,
Saltarello (Cantigas de Santa Maria) SPAIN,
Chant de minuit HEBREW,
Gagauski (Kaval, Morisca & perc.) TURKEY,
Berceuse Amazig MAROCCO,
A la una yo naci (instr.) SEPHARAD,
Uskudar TURKEY,
La Armada Turca SEPHARAD,
Lamoledet LEBANON,
Las Estrellas de los cielos SEPHARAD,
Angeli. Kurdi Pesrev GREECE,
Adonenu Elohenu SEPHARAD,
SelimIII. 1800. Pesendide "Saz Semarsi" ISRAEL,
Jewish Lullaby:Noumi noumi JERUSALEM

Kanun Impro. (Hakan) TURKEY,
Shaar petach ISRAEL,
En la Santa Helena (instr.) SEPHARAD,
Nana andaluza ANDALUS,
El Rey que tantomadruga (instr.) SEPHARAD,
Shadi al alhan MAROCCO,
Estampita ITALY,
El cant dels Aucells (instr.) CATALOGNE,
Invocatio ISRAEL,
Taksim & Makam "RastMurass'a" TURKEY,
memshin Sepharade,
Intro & dansa Bulgara Bulgarie,
Mireu el nostremar improv Mare Nostrum