Playground Psychotics

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Frank Zappa & The Mothers
Playground Psychotics

[ Rykodisc / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Tuesday 17 November 2009

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This "archival" double CD, features performances and assorted dialogue snippets from the early 70s and includes the Fillmore 1971 performance with John Lennon & Yoko Ono.

You wanted more old Mothers, you got 'em: This "archival" double CD, originally released in 1992, features performances and assorted dialogue snippets from the early 70s version of The Mothers, recorded onstage at NYC's Fillmore East, UCLA's Pauley Pavilion and The Rainbow Theatre in London, and offstage in various locales.

This was the Flo & Eddie version of the band, with the ex-Turtles lending their quintessential California harmonies to some of the Mothers' funniest moments as well as their most straight-ahead rockers.

Of special interest is the John Lennon & Yoko Ono guest appearance at The Fillmore in 1971. It had been Lennon's first onstage appearance in nearly two years and his last for a long while, performing the blues standard "Well (Baby Please Don't Go)" and a long jam during which Yoko was tied up in a sack. This performance was heard in excerpted form on Lennon/Ono's album SOMETIME IN NEW YORK CITY; now it can finally be heard in context.


Disc 1:
Here Come The Gear, Lads
The Living Garbage Truck
A Typical Soundcheck
This Is Neat
The Motel Lobby
Getting Stewed
The Motel Room
'Don't Take Me Down'
The Dressing Room
Learning 'Penis Dimension'
'You There With The Hard On!'
Zanti Serenade
Sleeping In A Jar
'Don't Eat There'
Brixton Still Life
Super Grease
Wonderful Windy
Crusin' For Burgers
Diptheria Blues
Say Please
A A A Wk
A Small Eternity WIth Yoko Ono

Disc 2:
Beer Shampoo
Champagne Lecture
Childish Perversion
Playground Psychotics
The Mudshark Interview
'There Is No Lust In Jazz'
Botulism On The Hoof
You Got Your Armies
The Spew King
I'm Doomed
Status Back Baby
The London Ca8 Tape
Concentration Moon, Part One
The Sanzini Brothers
'It's A Good Thing We Get Paid To Do This'
Concentration Moon, Part Two
Mom & Dad
Intro To Music For Low Budget Orchestra
Billy The Mountain
He's Watching Us
If You're Not A Professional Actor
He's Right
Going For The Money
Jeff Quits
A Bunch Of Adventures
Martin Lickert's Story
A Great Guy
Bad Acting
The Worst Reviews
A Version Of Himself
I Could Be A Star Now