City of Fire

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City of Fire
City of Fire

[ City of Fire / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 19 April 2010

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City of Fire is the self-released, self-titled debut album from this exciting Vancouver band, whose line-up features the talents of Fear Factory's Burton C. Bell & Byron Stroud, plus Ian White; Bob Wagner; and Terry "Sho" Murray.

Fire, when burning, is in a state of turbulence; unrest; reliance; and dependence. When extinguished, it becomes calm & unattached, freed from its own limitations. Fire can only occur when properly provoked, much like the creative mind. Creativity, like fire, can only burn with sustenance - that essential element that keeps the fire burning.

The name, City of Fire, pays homage to the metropolis in which this band was formed: Vancouver, BC. Known for its primarily rainy climate, the weather can serve as a driving force of creativity for local artists. Creativity builds an internal fire, the rain stokes that fire within and ultimately provides liberation. This is the juxtaposition of Vancouver: a city that shelters; hurts; inspires; warms; scares; challenges; and illuminates.

On March 8th 2008, the Cobalt Club in Vancouver, BC housed a reunion of the band Caustic Thought. Original members Byron Stroud (bass); Ian White (vocals / guitar); and Bob Wagner (drums) invited Terry "Sho" Murray to fill in for the original guitarist. Unbeknownst to everyone, the culmination of these artists would give birth to a new sound, which would ultimately lead to the formation of City of Fire. Bassist Byron contacted fellow Fear Factory band mate, Burton C. Bell (vocals / lyrics), and the line up was complete.

City of Fire finds its roots in everything from metal to hard rock to punk, and boasts a more adult oriented sensibility; a sound reflective of the evolving maturity of its members & audience. Sonically hard yet groove heavy, City of Fire has conceived a sound that distinguishes itself from the rest...

Stay tuned for the sounds of the City of Fire!!!


1. Carve Your Name
2. Gravity
3. Rising
4. A Memory
5. Spirit Guide
6. Coitus Interruptus
7. Hanya
8. Emerald
9. Hollow Land
10. Dark Tides
11. Rain