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Upper Hutt Posse

[ Kia Kaha / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 12 July 2010

'Tohe' is a bi-lingual dubstep / drum'n'bass album from Aotearoa Maori rap and reggae band, Upper Hutt Posse.

Formed as a four piece reggae group in 1985, the Posse emerged at the forefront of the local response to emerging Rap culture to become the progenitors of Hiphop music in the South Pacific. Their unique fusion of Rap and Reggae (in both English and Māori languages) has been an inspirational injection into the national music scene, and continues to be a powerful vehicle for their revolutionary socio-political perspectives.

In 1988 they released this country's first Rap song "E Tu" (Stand Up) following a year later with the first Rap album 'Against The Flow', touring with impassioned performances that brought notoriety and respect.

Now with 6 albums and 19 music video clips UHP present their dubstep / drum'n'bass album titled 'Tohe' representing the electronica facet of the group. Simultaneously they're recording their seventh album titled 'Declaration of Resistance' which represents them proper as the nine piece live group they are today.

Implanting assertive socio-political perspectives 'Tohe' breaks new ground in dubstep / drum'n'bass with it's extensive use of Māori lyrics. It's a testament of UHP's versatility, musicality and unique character which sees them embrace and then reshape musical genres into their own style.