A Pageant of Medieval Music

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A Pageant of Medieval Music
The Oxford Girls' Choir / John Rowlands-Pritchard / Sirinu / The Henrician Consort / Jon banks

[ Music of the Middle Ages / Gift of Music / CD ]

Release Date: Monday 20 June 2011

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Cheerful dances and songs from all over Europe of the middle ages and early renaissance. From bear dances to Spanish songs, from brawls to revels, here is a happy, cheery album of dynamic medieval music recorded using instruments and playing techniques of the period.


Arrival of the Lord and Lady
Jester's Dance
Entry of the Spanish Musicians
The Spanish Lady Sings
Scottish Revellers
The Harpist
Pied Piper
Children's Song
The English Minstrel
The Lord and Ladies Dance
A Spanish Miracle Song
The Lord and Lady Depart
Quene Note
Montard Brawle
Bear Dance
Pied du cheval
Der Hauff auff
Ein Welsh tanz
Bourgogne Brawle
Trolly Lolly