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Pajama Club
Pajama Club

[ Universal Music New Zealand / CD ]

Release Date: Thursday 15 September 2011

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Pajama Club is the new project from Neil Finn of Crowded House, together with wife Sharon Finn, Sean Donnelly, and Alana Skyring (The Grates).

Guitarist Johnny Marr played on two songs - "Can't Put It Down Until it Ends" and "Go Kart".

The band's debut has a wonderful spontaneous feel to it, which stems from the way in which it was recorded. The skeleton of the songs were formed when Neil and Sharon began jamming together just for fun at home, drinking wine, wearing pajamas and realizing they had something going on, other than a raw groove. Eventually Neil added additional layers of guitar, keys, and other melodic lines to the bare-bones songs while he toured with Crowded House in 2009. The final piece of the puzzle came when Sean Donnelly began rounding out the tracks with electronic loops and texture, in a similarly independent, creative, and organic fashion that Neil and Sharon had first begun.

Imagine a less atonal Sonic Youth jamming with 'Tango in the Night' era Fleetwood Mac, and you're not far from the mark.


1. Tell Me What You Want
2. Can't Put It Down Until It Ends
3. These Are Conditions
4. From A Friend To A Friend
5. Golden Child
6. Daylight
7. Go Kart
8. Dead Leg
9. TNT For Two
10. The Game We Love To Play
11. Diamonds In Her Eyes

View Pajama Club :- "From a Friend to a Friend" (via YouTube)