You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Vol. 4

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Frank Zappa
You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Vol. 4

[ Universal Music International / 2 CD ]

Release Date: Thursday 8 November 2012

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This double set features more live Zappa delights, recorded from 1969 to 1988.

YCDTOSA Vol. 4 was released in 1991, with recordings ranging from 1969 to 1988. First time appearance for 11 songs.

Because of the huge time span, there's an enormous list of musicians, including FZ on lead guitar & vocals, Captain Beefheart (handling vocals and harmonica on "The Torture Never Stops"), the mid-70's band, the '79 band, the `82 band, the `84 band, the `88 band, and even 2 Mothers tracks from 1969 ("You Call That Music?" and "Tiny Sick Tears") - Lowell George appears on both. Archie Shepp guests on tenor sax solo on "Let's Move To Cleveland" from 1984 (Amherst MA). There's also a smelly-beard routine involving George Duke; a "Montana" that segues two versions from 12 years apart; and a version of "Stevie's Spanking" with Steve Vai playing one of his best solos, doubtlessly inspired by the events described in the lyric.


1. Little Rubber Girl
2. Stick Together
3. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
4. Willie The Pimp
5. Montana
6. Brown Moses
7. The Evil Prince
8. Approximate
9. Love Of My Life Mudd Club Version
10. Let's Move To Cleveland Solos (1984)
11. You Call That Music?
12. Pound For A Brown Solos (1978)
13. The Black Page (1984)
14. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
15. Filthy Habits
16. The Torture Never Stops (Original Version)
17. Church Chat (Original Version)
18. Stevie's Spanking (Original Version)
19. Outside Now (Original Version)
20. Disco Boy (Original Version)
21. Teen-Age Wind (Original Version)
22. Truck Driver Divorce (Original Version)
23. Florentine Pogen (Original Version)
24. Tiny Sick Tears (Original Version)
25. Smell My Beard (Original Version)
26. The Booger Man (Original Version)
27. Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy (Original Version)
28. Are You Upset? (Original Version)
29. Little Girl Of Mine (Original Version)
30. The Closer You Are (Original Version)
31. Johnny Darling (Original Version)
32. No, No Cherry (Original Version)
33. The Man From Utopia (Original Version)
34. Mary Lou (Original Version)