With Love - 3 LP

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With Love - 3 LP

[ 4AD / 3 LP ]

Release Date: Friday 14 June 2013

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Divided into two volumes, the 33-track triple vinyl set moves seamlessly between the dance floor and after-hours emotional introspection, serving as a love letter to the soulful dance music of his past.

A singular talent, Zomby likes to do things his way, here is one credited collaboration on the album: "Pyrex Nights," which features Last Japan.

Zomby has made a reputation out of confounding expectations and living up to the "mysterious producer" archetype. He rarely appears publicly, usually no-showing booked gigs and turning up to others unannounced.

His production style ranges from sub-rattling dubstep to airhorn-heavy jungle, from loving recreations of retro rave sounds to collaborations with members of Animal Collective.

With Love, immense length aside, could be considered Zomby's first "proper" album. His debut, Where Were U In '92? was an explicit (and successful) attempt to recreate the sound of UK hardcore raves in the early 90s, while Dedication was a subdued and sombre follow-up, allegedly a tribute to a deceased friend. There are no gimmicks or restrictions on With Love's first disc - this is purely the sound of an electronic music future, straight from the mind of one of its weirdest and most intriguing curators. Booming bass drops sit alongside ghostly vocals, echoing synth arpeggios wash over shuffling hi-hats, and a hectic drum break parts to reveal a sample.


1 As Darkness Falls
2 Ascension
3 Horrid
4 If I Will
5 Isis
6 It's Time
7 Memories
8 Orion
9 Overdose
10 Pray For Me
11 Rendezvous
12 The Things You Do
13 This One
14 Vanishment
15 VI - XI
16 VxV
17 777
18 Black Rose
19 Digital Smoke
20 Entropy Sketch
21 Glass Ocean
22 How to Ascend
23 I Saw Golden Light
24 Pyrex Nights (feat. Last Japan)
25 Quickening
26 Reflection in Black Glass
27 Shiva
28 Soliloquy
29 Sphinx
30 Sunshine in November
31 Vast Emptiness
32 White Smoke
33 With Love