Beethoven / Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos

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Beethoven / Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos
Yehudi Menuhin (violin) / Philharmonia Orchestra, Berliner Philharmoniker, Wilhelm Furtwängler

[ Warner Classics Original Jacket Reissues / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 21 August 2015

Yehudi Menuhin and Wilhelm Furtwängler shared the same philosophical and spiritual approach to making music. Indeed, after he first played the Beethoven Violin Concerto under Furtwängler's baton, Menuhin wondered whether he could ever perform it with another conductor. This, their second recording of the work, was made in London in 1953, the year after they recorded the Mendelssohn Concerto in Berlin.

"Recorded only months before the conductor's death, Menuhin's version with Furtwangler is another classic which emerges with extraordinary freshness in the latest transfer. Here the bond between the conductor and his younger soloist brought an extra intensity to a natural musical alliance between two inspired artists, both at their peak. Rare has the Beethoven concerto been recorded with such sweetness and tenderness, yet with firmly underlying strength. With its distinguished coupling it is a disc which defies the years." (Penguin Guide)


Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61

Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64