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Caetano Veloso

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Release Date: Friday 1 August 2014

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Caetano Veloso Caetano Veloso is one of the most important figures in contemporary Brazilian music. His works, poetic and polemic, are considered true masterpieces. As Caetano says, "I make my records as a painter would paint his canvas". In fact, he makes every melody he sings sound luminous and newly discovered. Born near a small town near Salvador, Brazil, he took an early interest in music and has gone on to become one of the most highly regarded artists in his own country and Internationally. He was one of the Key members of the Tropicalia movement and was later imprisoned and exiled to England due to his forthright views. (The Tropicalia movement established a bridge between the rural and the urban, the high and the low cultures, bad and good taste) Nearly 30 years later, Veloso's accomplishments include authoring several books, a string of hits written specifically for others, and much music for stage and film.


CD1: 1. Tropicália
CD1: 2. Um Dia
CD1: 3. Hait
CD1: 4. E Proibido Proibir
CD1: 5. Soy Loco Por Ti, América
CD1: 6. Alegria Alegria
CD1: 7. Superbacana
CD1: 8. Os Argonautas
CD1: 9. Nao Identificado
CD1: 10. Irene
CD1: 11. The Empty Boat
CD1: 12. Maria Bethania
CD1: 13. London, London
CD1: 14. Mora Na Filosofia
CD1: 15. Nine Out Of Ten
CD1: 16. You Don't Know Me
CD1: 17. Neolithic Man
CD1: 18. Lua, Lua, Lua, Lua
CD1: 19. Help
CD1: 20. Menino Do Rio
CD2: 1. Qualquer Coisa
CD2: 2. Sampa
CD2: 3. Terra
CD2: 4. Beleza Pura
CD2: 5. Trilhos Urbanos
CD2: 6. Luca E Estraela
CD2: 7. Sonhos
CD2: 8. Queixa
CD2: 9. Voce E Linda
CD2: 10. Coisa Mais Linda
CD2: 11. Podres Poderes
CD2: 12. O Leaozinho
CD2: 13. Coracao Vagabundo
CD2: 14. Odara
CD2: 15. Nao Enche
CD2: 16. Cucurrucucu Paloma
CD2: 17. Sozinho
CD2: 18. 13 de Maio
CD2: 19. Minhas Lagrimas
CD2: 20. Nao Me Arrependo