Calm Before The Storm

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The Cakekitchen
Calm Before The Storm

[ CD ]

Release Date: Friday 6 December 2013

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Calm Before the Storm is the newest offering in an on going series of songs written by New Zealand musician "Graeme Jefferies".

The release has been held up for almost a year by innumerable delays but is finally ready. Graeme's music first gained attention in the seminal early kiwi bands "This Kind of Punishment" and "Nocturnal Projections". The Cakekitchen has come a long way since its 1989 Flying Nun debut.

The arrangements on Calm Before the Storm are augmented with strange field recordings and additional found sounds on some of the songs.

Angry on the warpath penguins are wedged in between forever climbing bass notes to great affect. Moth-like hovering strings, carefully picked acoustic guitars and regal piano add beauty. There are even real wind noises and environmental rain sounds magically hand woven into the mixes.

The release is available on both vinyl and CD formats. Both are limited editions. Graeme even designed and made the CD sleeves himself. They have a 16 page booklet that uses beautiful handmade paper that still has little pieces of branches of trees left in it. A labour of love if ever there was one.


1 For So Long
2 Little Blue Penguins
3 Back of a Bus
4 Parrot Island
5 Come Back Home
6 Mrs Fishbone
7 Work Today
8 Little Shit of the Week
9 Boganfoot Bill
10 Calm Before the Storm