Glorious Mud! - Best of Flanders and Swann

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Glorious Mud! - Best of Flanders and Swann
Flanders & Swann

[ Alto / Take: 2 / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 18 November 2011

"Their performances together were likened to 'Falstaff singing duets with Hamlet'" (Parlophone).

"the songs and sketches became household favourites throughout the English-speaking world and a hugely successful USA tour began in 1959. A second show later toured other British cities, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Hong Kong. …Flanders' spoken introductions were intimate and ahead of their time, and the show as a whole, 50 years on, remains strikingly topical" (James Murray)


At the Drop of a Hat (Fortune Theatre, London):

A Transport of Delight (London Omnibus)
Song of Reproduction
A Gnu
Design for Living
Je Suis Le Ténébreux
Songs for Our Time (Philological Waltz; Satellite Moon; A Happy Song)
A Song of the Weather
The Reluctant Cannibal
Kokoraki - A Greek Song
Madeira, M'Dear?

The Bestiary of Flanders and Swann - Excerpts:

The Warthog (the Hog Beneath the Skin)
The Whale (Mopy Dick)
The Rhinoceros
The Elephant
The Armadillo
The Spider
The Ostrich