Half Free (LP)

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U.S. Girls
Half Free (LP)

[ 4AD / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 25 September 2015

U.S. Girls is Illinois-born, Toronto-based artist Meghan Remy. Half Free is Remy's first album for 4AD and is her most realised yet, focusing on characters in everyday struggles, with narratives inspired by the work of director John Cassavetes and Bruce Springsteen. Throughout, Remy explores themes relating to abuse and gender inequality, whether the broken wife in 'Sororal Feelings' (a track loosely based on the character Nora Bass in Michael Ondaatje's Coming Through Slaughter), or the exasperated war widow in 'Damn That Valley', soundtracked by its intoxicating combination of thick dub flavours and Wall of Sound dramatics. "Half Free" is an honest and lyrically jarring exploration of emotions, drenched in a bath of raw beats and loops that have become the hallmark of her work with producer and frequent collaborator Onakabazien. Other album guests include Slim Twig (DFA), Ben Cook (Fucked Up, Young Guv), Amanda Crist (Ice Cream) and Tony Price.


1. Sororal Feelings
2. Damn That Valley
3. Telephone Play No. 1
4. Window Shades
5. New Age Thriller
6. Sed Knife
7. Red Comes In Many Shades
8. Navy & Cream
9. Woman's Work