Be Small

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Here We Go Magic
Be Small

[ Secretly Canadian / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 23 October 2015

Inspired by the massively under-appreciated Eno/Cale tune "Spinning Away" from their collaborative album Wrong Way Up (1990) and by Robert Wyatt's classic "Heaps of Sheeps" from Shleep (1997), HWGM's chief songwriter Luke Temple set out to create a collection of "overtly major and optimistic" songs without coming across as cloying. The robust 90s future pop sound of these odd fellow heavyweights fits Temple like a sequin glove. Over six years and, now, four albums, HWGM has always found its own, idiosyncratic path through fidgety prog-rock, bliss-pop and sound collage experimentations -- always, always, always with a heavy focus on groove. You can hear how these songs likely began as Temple's bedroom folk riffs, but where they ultimately end up -- here with the help of longtime HWGM collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Michael Bloch, as well as Austin Vaughn on drums -- is near-transcendent and celestial.


1. Intro
2. Stella
3. Be Small
4. Falling
5. Candy Apple
6. Girls in the Early Morning
7. Tokyo London US Korea
8. Wishing Well
9. Ordinary Feeling
10. News
11. Dancing World

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