Bach - Goldberg Variations (2015 Recording)

Bach - Goldberg Variations (2015 Recording) cover
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Bach - Goldberg Variations (2015 Recording)
Angela Hewitt (piano)

[ Hyperion / CD ]

Release Date: Friday 30 September 2016

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Sixteen years have passed since Angela Hewitt's first, justly celebrated, version of the 'Goldbergs'. She here commits to record her ever-evolving response to a work which contains the 'shadowed lesson of the whole world', and which continues to play a central role in her life as an artist.

"More than any contemporary player, she manages to suggest the harpsichord's plucking mechanism with her brilliant articulation - the trills of Variation 16!...her fluency makes the Goldbergs sound easy." Sunday Times

"The fingers are as formidably on the ball as ever - capable of the most tender translucency, of staccato leaps that 'ping', and able to differentiate and characterise several voices simultaneously with jaw-dropping felicity" BBC Music Five Stars

"A salutary reminder that recordings which one thought couldn't be bettered, actually can - remarkable" International Piano Five Stars

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