Faith (LP)

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The Cure
Faith (LP)

[ Fiction Records / LP ]

Release Date: Friday 9 September 2016

Certainly not the 'darkest' the Cure would eventually get, Faith is, as represented by the cover art, one of the most 'grey' records out there. Dysphoric and despondent (the feel of funerals and old churches just oozes from this record) without the anger that would drive Pornography. Faith comes off as not just a collection of songs, but as a full piece.

"The Holy Hour," "All Cats Are Grey," and the spectacular "Faith" are slow atmospheric pieces that take the softer elements from Seventeen Seconds and, when sidled up next to faster tracks like the single "Primary" and "Doubt", paint an overall picture of the ups and downs contained within a greater depressive period. It's not only brooding keyboards and minimalist percussion; Faith is also a milestone for Robert Smith lyrically, branching out into questions of faith and spirituality he never quite touched on so well ever again.

A melancholic record certainly, but also one of the most underrated and beautiful albums the Cure put together. They would not touch on this sort of lush sadness so well again until 1989's Disintegration.
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Side One:
The Holy Hour
Other Voices
All Cats Are Grey

Side Two:
The Funeral Party
The Drowning Man