Feel Like Shit, Looking Great

Feel Like Shit, Looking Great cover
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Feel Like Shit, Looking Great

[ Book ]

Release Date: Friday 23 September 2016

This is an A5 23 page book of poems from the acclaimed and outspoken poet / rapper Tourettes.

Audio of the poems set to music (produced by Abe Kunin) will be released with the book (inserted mp3 download code), along with videos of select focus tracks / poems.

Presented in the form of a lyric book, designed by delinquent polymath Roy Irwin, Feel Like Shit, Looking Great!, documents Dominic's journey through the health system, searching for meaning in a neo liberal theme park and the quiet madness and beauty of the New Zealand countryside.

Each book comes with a download code so you can listen in stereo as the world collapses around your ears.