Harris: The Kugels Play Klezmer

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Harris: The Kugels Play Klezmer
The Kugels

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Release Date: Thursday 29 September 2016

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The wild and haunting tunes of traditional klezmer - The Kugels perform original klezmer-inspired works by New Zealand composer Ross Harris.

"As someone who usually writes music for the concert hall, what is the appeal of klezmer? Because I have always been interested in the work of artists like Gustav Mahler, Woody Allen, Hannah Arendt, Paul Celan, The Cohen Brothers, and Tony Judt (and having a small accordion tucked away unused) the invitation to join a klezmer band seemed intriguing. It changed my life.

The original tunes that evolved in the Shtetls of Eastern Europe and found their way out into the world through Jewish emigrants were very direct and emotionally powerful folk music. I found the characteristic modes interesting but mostly enjoyed the unusual juxtaposition of chords and melody. I couldn't help dabbling and soon enough The Kugels had about thirty of my melodies in their repertoire to go with traditional tunes. This CD is a collection of my pieces." - Ross Harris 2016

Debbie Rawson - clarinets, zaphoon, sax
Robin Perks - violin
Jacqueline Nordon - bass
Ross Harris - compositions and accordion

"Producer and engineer Wayne Laird must be applauded for the clarity of the recorded sounds. Verdict: Let's hear it for klezmer!" Otago Daily Times


Viglid 1 (Lullaby 1)
Ringlen zihk (Circle)
Faln (to fall or tumble)
Gezegenung (Farewell)
One Small Diary (Diary of Anne Frank)
Trit by Trit (step by step)
Kale Bazetsn (Seating of the Bride) trad. - Narish (Silly)
Vuhin Gaitzu? (Where are you going?)
Khoyshekh (Darkness) - The Hidden One - Contrasts
Kugelish - Wherever you are?
Zikorn (Memory) - Shpasik (Funny)
Klez 2
Moler (Painter)
Bubkes (something extremely trivial, practically nothing)
Volgenish (Wandering)
Batamt (tasty, delicious)
Klez Round - Klezmer 1 - Gliklekh (Happy Enough) - Children's Song
A Vayser Shayn (A White Glow)
Zukenish (Searching)
Greber (Minor)
Viglid 2 (Lullaby 2)